The company gets its name from the Bezoar Ibex (Capra Aegagrus Aegagrus), also known as the Anatolian Bezoar Ibex.

This ibex is a vulnerable subspecies of wild goat, native to Asia Minor and mostly found in the tough terrains and peaks of Taurus Mountain Range in southern Anatolia.

Bezoar ibex is one of the most uniquely created member of the goat family in the world and accepted as the most handsome of the ibex species by some.

Amongst all the ibex, it has the longest horns compared to its body size, reaching up to 57” in some cases. Bezoar males average about 60 kg (140 pounds) and their horns can grow as long as 1.5 m (57 in). Females are slightly smaller and their horns tend to grow to a mere 0.3 m (11 in).

Males have a dark brown summer coat, while the females have a more reddish-gold, and both sexes shift to a gray-colored coat in the winter. Both sexes also have a "goatee", a tuft of hair extending from the chin. The ibexes have a black stripe from the spine that extends over the shoulder, limbs, and neck. This stripe darkens when the ibexes are in the mating season.

Ibex Technologies was established in Gazi University Technology Development Zone in 2014. Our company operates in health technologies and mobile solutions. Our team members continue their academic studies in top universities in Turkey like METU and Bilkent University. We always seek collaboration with academicians and seek their guidance in the works we perform.

We aim to combine our experience and expertise in information technologies with the sectoral knowledge of our partners to provide top-notch solutions through research & development. Presenting a more effective and more innovative perspective to problems at hand has the utmost importance in our philosophy.

As a company, we took pride in what we accomplished, what we do at the present and what we aspire to become in the future. We envision a better future and perform to be one of the enablers of it. It is our goal to become a company that provides solutions all around the world and not just in Turkey. Our vision is to become a top 10 exporter in Turkish software industry.


Yes, working hard and fast could result in a sloppy or even a broken product. That’s not the case in Ibex. We work hard, we also work smart. In all of our projects, we focus on developing the Minimum Viable Product at first and go from there. It means that we will provide you with a functional and well-designed product with foundational set of features earlier in the process. (Usually less than 20% of the total development period) This gives us the ability to:

  • →   Release the first version in the shortest time
  • →   Gather more concrete feedback earlier
  • →   Analyze and react quickly
  • →   Work directly with our clients and understand their behaviors and preferences


Whatever the project we are working on, we are always in touch with academia. Most of our core team are still continues their academic studies and utilize their expertise to our works. We also work with external consultants from different fields and universities who can provide us with advanced guidance to create unique solutions for our clients.


  • →   Creating our solutions is a passion for us as much as it is a duty. We approach every problem as a chance to create something new, an opportunity to implement a pioneering solution.
  • →   We do what we do because it is fun. We love hard problems and love hard solutions even more. Bring us your problem and we will make it fun.
  • →   In each project, we aim to do better than last time. Improvement is core to us. Without utilizing our past experience and creating value, it is not fun. And if it is not fun, you are not doing it right, right?