CP-Assess is designed as an autonomous mHealth ecosystem to fill the void of a comprehensive mobile solution that specifically targets the special needs of Cerebral Palsy (CP) patients in terms of both rehabilitation and assessment.

Such a mobile solution will provide CP patients with constant therapy and as result enhance their progress, their inclusion to the society and change the way how experts, caregivers and patients perceive the process of therapy with the advantage of its technological superiorities.

CP-Assess will be used by therapists, institutions and patients & caregivers. Being a mobile application that includes total of 10 different therapy assessment sub-modules and requiring no additional accessories, CP-Assess aims to be a tool that is more accessible, more accurate, more objective and more practical with easier use compared to conventional methods. Having gamified rehabilitations in which continuous and implicit assessment is integrated, CP-Assess provides fun environment for the patients to follow rehabilitation plan without time limits in addition to making the patients comfortable at home. With the help of implicit assessment CP-Assess combines the strengths of both assessment and rehabilitation.

CP-Assess leverages the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to create a virtual therapist assistant that guides and supervises the user intelligently throughout the whole rehabilitation-assessment cycle (therapy cycle). With its impeccable structure, CP-Assess aims to revolutionize the CP therapy and bring a mobile solution to the scene.

  •   April 2017

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    Mehmet Faruk Ongun