X-GraphDB, is a product that targets the graph database market, which is ever-expanding with great potential.

It aims to discover complex relations and hidden knowledge that is buried deep within the big data. It enables detailed analysis of the data and can be used effectively in any industry like; finance, domestic security, intelligence, telecommunication, social media etc. It is effectively a big-data-graph ecosystem that encompasses X-GraphDB, X-Covery and VPQL (Visual Pattern Query Language) and with these powerful components it enables the data;

  • to be presented to the user as a graph,
  • to be queried easily and visually using VPQL,
  • to be analyzed and discovered on-the-go using the graph structure

In comparison with current graph database solutions, it shines with its high performance on big data thanks to specifically engineered algorithms and solutions, and its visual pattern query language VPQL.

  • December 2018

  •   Target Industry:

    Finance, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Social Media, Telecommunication

  •   Posted by:

    Ali Özer